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Thread: Well priced M1 Garands, Carbines, Ammo

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    Well priced M1 Garands, Carbines, Ammo

    Public Service Announcement

    After ordering ammo and other items I am comfortable saying these guys are absolutely legit.
    M1 Garand restored
    Having just restored my Garand at FA (who did an outstanding job must be said...) I an tell you this an almost 'too good to be true' price; without the 4-6 months wait.
    In case theres a question - my restoration job was a shade over $1300 (New stock, barrel, op rod, numerous small parts, re-parkerizing, function test etc. )
    You do the math.
    Also in stock numerous surplus Garands and Carbines, several with pre-'45 serial #'s - check m out!

    Last not least - ammo to feed above:

    Several offerings of surplus 30-06 ammo, and.....
    (To be honest I did not want to share this with anyone previously, but now I have what I 'need'....):
    At time of this post they have 40 bandoleers (@ 120 rds) of M1 Car ammo in stock; Korean war vintage.
    What is not mentioned in the specs: this is LC headstamp ammo.
    I should not have to explain, more even so when you see the price.

    You're welcome.

    Just received my order of .30 cal bandoleers.
    Their last batch was Lake City ammo, this one has a NWM headstamp - Nederlandsche Wapen en Munitie fabriek - Dutch Ammunition and Weapon factory.
    Anyways - great ammo, great price.
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    Royal Tiger really came up with some neat stuff!

    To be honest, though, NOBODY beats CMP for Garands. The rifles they have are not as nice and are priced a good bit higher than just a few years ago, but if you can make it to the North or South stores or Talledega, $900 plus tax will get you a Service Grade (pretty nice) rifle or $1150 + tax for an Expert grade, refinished with new stock and barrel. Those are for Springfield Armory or H&R guns, WRA and IHC run higher.

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    Thanks for the info on the ammo. Just picked up an expert grade from the CMP…it’s a beaut

    Got two coats of tung oil on it and another coat of Howard Feed and Wax

    Pre finish:


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