WTB SureFire SOCOM 3-Prong Flash Hider SF3P-556-AUG M13 x 1 LH Steyr AUG

Could use more than one until the buy comes through. Please PM pics, price new in pack and quantity you have shipped CONUS flat rate. Can do discreet PP. Thank you

Manufacturer Surefire
MFG # SF3P-556-AUG
SKU 11129355
UPC 848713191406
Surefire 3 Prong Flash Hider for Styer AUG
Barrel Thread Pitch: M13 x 1 LH
Caliber: .223 Rem,5.56x45mm
Models Fit: Steyr AUG
Suppressor Attachment Method: Surefire SOCOM Fast-Attach