I use a TR-24 on an SBR. I switch between a .300 blackout for hunting and a 12.5Ē SBR in 5.56.

I use it because I donít like wearing glasses to correct for my astigmatism. I currently canít wear contacts because of a disease process. I can see pretty well, just have problems with dots, computer screens, TVs, and that sort of thing.

The dot looks like about an eight MOA cluster of grapes to me without correction. Itís better behind magnification, but the dot itself isnít that useable for me.

Therefore, I really like the TR24 for now. I use the triangle dot and on 4x itís approximately 1 mil tall. Zeroed at the tip of the triangle at 100, everything within about 330 yards falls within the triangle with my 12.5Ē 5.56 SBR. If I want to shoot to 400, I can put the bottom of the triangle over the head of an IPSC target and will land around the middle of the body. Functionally, that is beyond the practical limits of the rifle.

Yes, the scope lacks ranging features. The holdovers require you to use your brain and have a working knowledge of your rifle. But, I gain a crisp reticle, it is lightweight, and I can shade the fiber optic. It in a light mount is half the weight of my Razor 1-6x.

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