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Thread: Fun with my 14.5 870

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    Fun with my 14.5 870

    Hey guys,

    I was playing with my 870 over the last few range trips and I got some interesting results.

    IMG_7423 by stoiclawyer, on Flickr

    1. This AIM surplus 14.5 inch barrel with XS sights is well zeroed at 100. I was able to consistently shooting pretty cheap "Slugger" 10z Remington slugs at 100 yards...

    IMG_7231 by stoiclawyer, on Flickr

    I think those are pretty dang decent groups considering these are cheap slugs. The damage done to a person at this range would have to be pretty impressive.

    2. I blasted 9 pellet Flite Control at 100 yards. Every shell had 1-3hits. I had to aim at neck level to consistently get 3 pellets on the plate. BUT several times I had multiple pellets hit the head. Still, it seems like, if you have a SBS and have to fire at someone at 100 yards, you will almost certainly hit them. I am not saying this is ideal, but the idea that buckshot is useless at range seems to be overblown. Interestingly, I fired some cheap S&B 9 pellet and it had similar results at that range.

    3. I blasted some 9 pellet flite control at 20 yards. Weirdly, I got better results out of my Beretta 1301 but this was still pretty impressive.

    IMG_7426 by stoiclawyer, on Flickr

    4. Finally I blasted some 9 pellet flite control at 10 yards. Again, not as good as I got out of my old 1301. However, this was about 60% as large as the S&B 9 pellet.

    IMG_7432 by stoiclawyer, on Flickr

    Nothing shocking here. But still, the old Fudd cannon still has a lot to offer.
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    My 870 Wingmaster was my first NFA item. I never shoot it now. I need to let my kid get his shotgun thrills in with it. Flight Control ammo is its best friend.
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    That is fantastic results at 100 meters with any shotgun. Usually, minute of man is solid for a shotgun.

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