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Thread: Jack In The Box Employee Shoots at Family in Drive Thru...

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimP View Post
    when can we start saying the quiet part out loud? (asking for a friend)
    Who's stopping you?
    Listen. Tell. Run Like Hell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chadbag View Post
    You must not live in Manchester
    I work there. Manchghanistan, formerly ManchVegas has it's problems, but it's still incredibly tame compared to the rest of the world. Homeless sleeping in Veterans Park and up and down Elm, but the violence is mostly contained to people who seek it out, or hang out at the G.O.A.T at 1 am.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteyrAUG View Post
    Yep, agg assault with a deadly weapon knocked down to "deadly conduct" (whatever the F that is) and got one year deferred adjudication, which means if she manages to not get arrested during that one year period, it's like it never happened.

    Nice to know you can shoot at a family point blank and have no record whatsoever if you manage to stay crime free for one year. Too bad the family can't sue the judge, Jack in the Box is the only one they can go after but I really don't hold them too responsible.

    Anyone who shoots at somebody over a fast food order dispute is pretty much willing to shoot anybody for any reason. I would say maybe this will change some hiring practices for things like fast food franchises, but I know it won't change a damn thing.
    That's honestly insane

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