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Thread: Laser rangfinder for hunting

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    I have a leica thatís easy to carry, and has been very solid. Have ranged to 2800yds with it.

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    I have been using my Vortex 3000 (CR123A version) for about a year now and I'm really pleased with it.

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    Hunting Laser Rangefinder

    If you're looking for alternatives, consider the following rangefinders that were well-regarded for their performance and value:

    1-Leupold RX-1600i TBR/W with DNA Rangefinder:

    Offers True Ballistic Range (TBR) technology.
    Compact and lightweight design.

    2-Bushnell Prime 1300 Laser Rangefinder:

    Affordable option with good performance.
    ARC technology for angle compensation.

    3-Sig Sauer Kilo 2200 BDX Laser Rangefinder:

    Bluetooth connectivity for integration with ballistic apps.
    Capable of ranging up to 3400 yards.

    4-Nikon Black RANGEX 4K Laser Rangefinder:

    High-quality optics with a clear display.
    Capable of ranging up to 4,000 yards.

    5-Leica Rangemaster CRF 2700-B Rangefinder:

    High-quality optics from Leica.
    Bluetooth connectivity for ballistic data.

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    Papabear stated in post 6 he bought a Vortex 4000.

    I finally got a chance to try mine at long range in the middle of Texas a few weeks ago. I was able to range to the top of a hillside at 2100 yards and a building at 1900 without difficulty.

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    I don't have a specific recommendation but I can offer a caution. Leupold does not warranty their rangefinders beyond 2 years. They did throw a $100 credit at me and say that it's not unusual for the LCD screen to go bad after 2 years.

    ps. Vortex offers lifetime warranty on rangefinders.
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