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Thread: Delton the best of very cheap ARs?

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    Yeah, the Freedom Group butchered DMPS and Bushmaster. I don't know how much better they were before the Freedom Group purchase, however. Did FG purchase them in 2007 like Remington?
    Something like that, I can just remember living in Minnesota and the clientele coming into a Mn gun shop and saying that they wanted a refund because their 'Minnesota built' DPMS wasn't near as reliable as their Century (Wasr) AK, and knowing that didn't make sense. It wasn't Eugene's fault, it was the fault of Freedom Group to fire their experienced AR builders and hire minimum wage people to build civilian ARs while a small LGS was selling Rock River like no tomorrow. We started selling DD, LMT and Sig ARs and they took off like wildfire because they worked.
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    I've never owned a Delton but based on past history, I would own almost anything PSA builds over them.

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