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Thread: M1919 "Stinger" conversion

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    M1919 "Stinger" conversion

    Looks like an M1919 had a bastard child with a BAR! Credits to Forgotten Weapons:


    MoH recipient who used it on Iwo Jima was Corporal Tony Stein (it's in the Wiki link).

    Used the rear half of an M1 Garand stock and the rest was essentially an M1919 MG. Kind of like a Centaur (half man, half horse).

    Kinda looks cool and all but I suspect it was an attempt to get a belt-fed squad automatic weapon. I've not ever read bad things about the BAR except for the rapidly-diminished 20rd magazine capacity.
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    That was completely interesting.

    Forgotten Weapons continues to be one of my favorite YT channels. Glad people like Ian are taking the time to document rare items and little known history and present it for the rest of us.
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