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Thread: Red Pilled America Podcast

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    Red Pilled America Podcast

    I spent a couple weeks on the East Coast visiting friends over the Thanksgiving holiday and laid down nearly 1500 miles of driving. This gave me an opportunity to start listening to a pod cast that I just didn't have time for normally. It was suggested by a very close friend of mine to give the 10 part "The Fighter" series a listen on the Red Pilled America Podcast.

    It is all about Richard Nixon's life history through his resignation. It focuses also on Hollywood and the media's fascination about Nixon. It's an eye opening bit of history that firmly lays the foundation for our current state of demise and has huge parallels and similarities with Trump's presidency; even though the podcast doesn't even mention those parallels.

    I also had a realization that at 54 years old, I was 3 when Watergate happened. A huge majority of the population in this country was not even of voting age at that time. This podcast definitely cleared up some of my pre-conceived notions about Nixon that have been fed to me by the media and entertainment industry. It is well worth the listen. I listened free on Pandora and it does have quite a bit of advertising.

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    Nixon didnt play ball and got Trumped. Our government is not what we think it is and its our fault.
    I tried to follow the science but it simply was not there. I then followed the money, thats where i found the science.


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