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Thread: Urban ERT Sling for CX4 - with GG&G quick detach

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    Urban ERT Sling for CX4 - with GG&G quick detach

    FS - Urban ERT Sling for the CX4. Also includes GG&G Quich detach mounting point.

    This is a 2 point sling. Best sling made - I have used an Urban ERT sling on every rifle I have owned over the years.

    I used to have 2 CX4s - I only have one now. This sling is unused. I had the rear part on the CX4, but never carried the rifle with the sling.

    I am including the sling and rear attachment (new, this is $61 + shipping). I am also including the quick detach piece for the forward mounting point. And, the rail mounted GG&G rail mounted quick detach (new, this is $35 + shipping).

    Mount the GG&G piece on the front/side rail. Attach the rear stock piece. Then, you can attach and detach the sling itself anytime you want.
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    I have the exact setup on the CX4 I still have (I only sold one of them a while back).

    My price for all of it - $60 + $12 shipping.

    Please email me at and the first "I'll take it" with an exchange of information gets it.

    Also - this sling will work on other rifles using the quick detach piece in the front. You would just need to order a different rear attachment point, and it would work on multiple platforms.

    Gun with rear attachment piece:

    GG&G mount on CX4 side rail:

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