PSA: I upgraded my Iphone 11 to a 15 in October and since Strelok Pro was no longer in the Apple store, it didn't transfer over and I could no longer use.

(I contacted Apple support and they told me to do a phone to phone xfer instead of an icloud backup transfer to the new phone and neither of those processes would restore the application I had purchased.)

I had resigned myself to keeping the Iphone 11 as a range only phone, which isn't really what I wanted to do.

So, I'm over on the Hide and there is a post there about how to get it working. Damned if it didn't work perfectly. This post is to show you how to get Strelok working on your new phone at zero cost and very quickly.

Application Required: Imazing
Video on how to transfer:

This guy shows you how to move a different application, but it works the same with Strelok.

Pro Tip: Go into Strelok Pro settings in the Strelok application and export all of your settings to icloud before transferring the application.

Hopefully someone finds this useful.