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Thread: Apple Gift Card (Electronic) *Steep Discount*

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    Apple Gift Card (Electronic) *Steep Discount*



    I know this may seem odd, but....

    I received a $50 Electronic Apple Gift Card for Christmas. I do not have any Apple devices or an Apple account...I haven't even been able to confirm the amount on the card without an Apple account.

    I figured I would see if anyone else can use it. I'm thinking $25 seems like a fair price. I will give you the code and everything so you can verify the card balance before you send me any funds. Paypal or Zelle...

    Feel free to PM me for a text number to make this easier.

    *** I am seriously not trying to scam anyone... I know gift cards are a common scam tactic... I'll make sure you have possession of the card funds before you pay me (if possible?) ***
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