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Thread: Dual Purpose Chest Rig

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    Dual Purpose Chest Rig

    I'm looking for advice, or even to see if this is feasible. For work (municipal LE) we are issued Armor Express Traverse soft armor carriers. They're great for like 99% of what we do but sometimes it's nice to have rifle plates and the downside of outer carriers is that you can't just throw a plate carrier over top and roll, it's a whole ordeal to change out. I tried doing up armor on the fly and it just isn't practical. Plus you're still open on the sides and back.

    I think I am looking for a chest rig that I can use for my daily road patrol that holds all my crap. Mags, radio, meds, phones, cuffs, notepad, flashlight, bodycam, pens, etc. Ideally, I'd be able to unclip all that stuff and swap it over to my plate carrier. I currently have a HSP Micro rig on my PC, which is a little small for all the crap I have to carry on the daily. It was great when I was working narcotics but now I'm on the road again.

    I'm not even sure if this is feasible or a good idea, but we're turning up more and more dracos and ARs lately and it would be nice to have something that could stop those rounds. Obviously for active shooter I'm sprinting in with what I got but with a little planning, I might be able to set myself up better.

    The market is flooded with rigs geared toward military and recce but I don't need 4-6 rifle mags. I need GP, radio, and med pouches. I'm ok with rolling my own on a molle placard or getting a dedicated rig or exploring some other option all together. This would be a lot easier if we had dedicated PCs with soft armor and an identical one with plates but that's just not gonna happen.

    I know that's a lot and a very niche market but any ideas are appreciated. I've been banging my head on a wall trying to find something.

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    Sounds like a bigger placard - either molle or custom /w swift clips & a PC that you can throw over your soft armor is what you're looking for.

    Expander wings ( on your existing HSP might get you where you want.

    HPG Kit bag could work as well - more admin/CCW focused, more than a few other people make something similar:
    Has good, reasonably priced berry compliant laser cut / IR complaint gear & expander wings.
    Also makes a fairly well reviewed PC in a few flavors:

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    I would agree with Allen above, start with a Micro rig that can hold your admin stuff but have something that can also carry pistol, rifle mags, radio's etc., and all that has been mentioned above will work but you're going to have to build it out. I would just throw in Spiritus Systems Thing 2, which is more of a purpose built kit.
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