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Thread: Smith/Lipsey's ultimate carry J-frame

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    Now THAT is something I could spend some money on. I'm a Snub fan, and a .38 Special fan as well! Call me low speed high drag, but I don't give a crap. I really love my Snubs.
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    I picked up a 442UC a week ago Friday. I will try to go to the range Sunday AM. I am impressed w/ the build and special features. Everything works and feels good as I dry fire, the sight picture being most impressive. The grip is a definite upgrade and the trigger is very close to my K frames. Time for holsters and regular practice.

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    Picked mine up today. Took it to the range and shot some PMC 132 through it just to get a feel for it. I actually didn't care for the grips but I am used to the soft boot grip of the Laser Grip on my j-frames. The trigger was definitely better than standard. I did notice that mine was zeroed a little higher than I am used to. For example, here is a comparison shot with my M&P which has similar, but not quite as good sights...

    IMG_9389 by stoiclawyer, on Flickr

    IMG_9390 by stoiclawyer, on Flickr

    I shot them both at 10 yards and my old M&P (Scandium .357) shot dead POA/POI at 10 yards and the Ultimate J shot a bit higher. This was consistent throughout my shooting.

    IMG_9391 by stoiclawyer, on Flickr

    Let me say, the trigger is much better on the Ultimate J. It feels like my well-broken in old 442 right out of the box.

    I also love the sights on this thing. This is the way they should be. The glow in the dark band around the tritium is really impressive and useful. I will say that the sights are high enough that you might find your old nylon pocket posters a bit too small. I noticed my old sticky holster was getting pulled out by the rear sight.

    IMG_9383 by stoiclawyer, on Flickr

    Build quality is great, and there were no problems. I will keep you posted.
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