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Thread: DOE pistol from H&R

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    Quote Originally Posted by sinister View Post
    The DEA used the Colt SMG at the academy at Quantico in 1994.

    That's where I learned (A) the stick magazine is derived from the Uzi, and (B) if you use the magazine release button to drop a partial magazine, if it hits the deck vertically on the floorplate all cartridges will depart the magazine like the old kid's game "52 pickup" with rounds everywhere.
    I'm familiar with that one, not quite a DOE though.

    And yeah, worst thing about that mag is they spill.
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    Chuck, we miss ya man.


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    I think this crazy old dude has two DOE Colt SMGs mounted to his handlebars.
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    I would be more interested if H&R would bring back their series of single shots...the Handy Rifle.
    Good night Chesty...wherever you are.

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