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Thread: Ammo headspace

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    Hornady Comparator

    I use a lot of range pickup brass mostly in .223/5.56. I started using a Hornady Comparator about 2 years ago. I have several rifles I reload for and I'm down to about 3 different length/sizes I resize for. That would be NATO chambers, Mini 14 chambers and bolt action chambers. The bolt action chambers are on .223's. They get resized down to 1.452 using the Hornady A330 bushing. The Mini 14's get resized to 1.455 using that same A330 Hornady bushing. The largest chambers are resized to 1.458 for the NATO ammo.

    I'm flexible enough that I can live with +/- .002 for those sizes. There is some overlap so I have some versatility in using the different sizes of brass in different rifles. I just can't use the NATO brass in a .223 chamber. I spend a lot of time with the calipers measuring brass length to the shoulder and then storing it accordingly.

    I also give away any brass any shorter than 1.755" long. I am finally retired after working for the last 55 years and I have time to spend on my reloading hobby. I have the time to chase those finer accuracy points. I also try to keep my case lengths within .005 of an inch in length. I prefer to use the longer cases with the shorter bullets in an effort to get close to the lands.

    Yea, call me anal retentive but it beats watching the Voice and soap operas. I have the privilege of being just 6 miles away from a really nice 100 yard range so I get to test my "mistakes" almost daily.

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