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Thread: Pistol upper build for AB Raptor

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    Pistol upper build for AB Raptor

    Hello all,

    I did my paperwork on an AB Raptor 8 in .338 with a 3" reflex, and have an estimated 2-4 months for it to get out of jail. I purchased it with hunting in mind, but can see no reason not to let it reside on a home defense pistol when it is not out looking for Bambi, so a pistol upper is in my near future, for sure. I have been reading up on this and have a few questions I am hoping you all can help with.

    1) The Raptor is 1.625" Diameter. Some of the handguards list a larger interior diameter than this, but say they can use suppressors up to 1.5".
    - Is this because 1.5" is a typical size?
    - Are there other clearance issues inside the handguard that need to be considered when fitting a suppressor into it?

    2) The Reflex chamber on the raptor is 3" and goes back behind the muzzle, over the barrel. I am trying to determine what my shortest possible barrel is, not that I will definitely use that length, but I want to know my starting point. My understanding is the gas port is about 4" forward of the chamber.
    - About how far forward of the gas port does a gas block extend?
    - It seems like a 7" barrel would certainly would be too short?
    - An 8" would probably be closer, but might be a little too short?
    - A 9" seems unlikely to be too short?

    Appreciate any experienced feedback you may have for me.

    Thank you
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