World renowned Michael Janich, the founder of "Counter-Blade Concepts" (CBC) and former co-host of the long-running TV series "The Best Defense", integrates the skills of his proven CBC system with close-range gunfighting. The result is a dynamic approach to close-quarters self-defense that enables you to survive a sudden attack. Learn to “earn your draw,” and finish the fight with your handgun. This is a reality-based, 2 day course, that combines hands-on unarmed tactics with the use of blue guns and laser SIRT pistols. Blue guns and SIRT pistols will be provided.
Location: Okeechobee County - We'll be using a large indoor air-conditioned civic center. Exact address will be provided in confirmation email.

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Michael Janich, Founder and Lead Instructor of Martial Blade Concepts, is the preeminent expert in using a folding pocket knife to fight with; and he also teaches how to DEFEND against an aggressor with a knife. These are lifesaving skills taught by an industry expert. Apart from being a member of the elite International Close-Combat Instructors Association, he worked for 11 years a co-host and subject matter expert on the award winning The Best Defense TV Show on The Outdoor Channel. He is the sole author of six fighting books and co-author of seven, including “Bullseyes Don’t Shoot Back” which he wrote with the late close-combat legend Col. Rex Applegate. Janich has also been featured in more than 20 instructional videos on defensive edged-weapon use. Currently, he is serving as the Special Projects Coordinator for The Spyderco Knife Company. Creator and Designer of the Yojimbo knife.

Florida Firearms Training is very proud to partner with Michael Janich to offer our students his outstanding self-defense training. The program Mr. Janich has developed is based on facts, physics and physiology - which our students know we value highly in our firearms training. His program is approachable for students of all skill levels and physical abilities; and is proven to work.

Class size limited to first 18 prepaid registrants.

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