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Thread: Equivalent of DeadAir Wolfman?

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    Equivalent of DeadAir Wolfman?

    I know others have had problems with the Sierra-5 and there is some bad blood around. Though I have not had any problems [knock on wood] with my two Sandman cans there is nothing wrong with exploring other manufacturers.

    What I like about the Wolfman is that I can run it on my AP5 with a 3-lug mount, then I can change to a Keymo Micro and run it on a 5.56 or 300AAC and so on, or even a 7.62x39. I can also change it's size from 7.5 to 5.1"

    Is there a can by another manufacturer which would allow me to do the same? The Wolfman is OOS at Silencer Shop but the approval times seem to be so short I don't want to miss out on whatever this wave of luck is.
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    Does the Mojave strike your fancy? Its skinnier, but I can say from experience that its very good. Otherwise, check with Rex, which is what I use. Or YHM N20.

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    SilencerCo Omega 36M or Hybrid 46M?

    Though I'm still of the mind that every gun should have a dedicated can, rather than futzing around with do-it-all cans.
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    Yhm r9 checks all but convertible length. Its great on sub guns, decent on 5.56, and aight on 6.5cm

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    Definitely watching this thread because the Wolfman was leading in my search for a versatile can to be used primarily on my short .300BLK. It just wasn't leading enough to pull the trigger yet.
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