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Thread: Strikeman Pro Issues

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    Strikeman Pro Issues

    Is anyone using the Strikeman Pro laser system? I bought mine a while back and never signed for the subscription, but after my last pistol class, I decided I would get serious and give it a year and see how it works out. I have it set up in my garage and I shoot at 21-24 feet.

    The target board is double sided, one side has 12 dark round targets and the other has 8 white with black outline torso targets. The app on my iPhone is up to date.

    My issue is when I try and calibrate my phone to the target. I can’t get the torso target side to calibrate and recognize the targets to score hits.

    The dark circle targets calibrate fine, and the system works as expected.

    I’ve gone through this process several times. I watched the set up video several times. I reached out to the company and they gave me some things to try to no avail. I am kinda frustrated with this.

    Like I said, the one side works fine…but I’m at a loss to figure out what I’m doing wrong. Anyone have any suggestions?

    Pics of my phone below. Ignore the perceived poor lighting…the lights in my garage are plenty bright and this is a poor screen shot..

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