Excellent condition 5 inch PDP SF bought in late January, with less than 400 rounds through. No matches, no hard practice, just T&E type of shooting of a factory ammo only. Three mags that came from the gun. Intstalled in/on the gun are Sprinco spring kit and red Holosun 507Comp. Optic was taken off another gun and has more rounds (probably 1200) through and some finish marks.

Goodie bag includes just about everything currently available to set ergonomics to user's preferences: black thin Lok bogies (installed), blue/black regular thickness LOK bogies, factory extended blue mag release button and base. Two of the mags have Henning extensions, one with MBX spring and follower, another with Rune spring and follower. Factory magwell removed, will come with the gun. Holster is Red Hill Tactical with a Bladetech style attachment for Henning T-1000 hanger. 15 lbs captured ZR Tatical guide rod installed.

This is being sold as a package with two exceptions below. Price breakdown:

Gun - $1580

Optic - $200

Accessories - $440 (to save you time, price of all of that stuff before taxes and shipping is $590)

Shipping within continental US - $70

for a total of $2290 shipped. I can sell without optic for $2090. I can remove Henning adapter from holster for -$30. Your FFL must be willing to accept a private transfer.

I have 15 pics of a gun alone and I can take additional pics of the gear. Best way to contact me is by email bodanka@msn.com.