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Thread: 12.5 inch barrel vs 13.7 inch barrel velocity

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    13.5” Mos Tek 5.56 Mid

    XM193 Fed
    Av 2970
    Es 80
    Sd 20.6

    XM855 Fed
    Av 2870
    Es 42
    Sd 12.9

    Norma 69
    Av 2651
    Es 41
    Sd 14

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    Disclosure: I am affiliated PRN with a tactical training center, but I speak only for myself. I have no idea what we sell, other than CLP and training. I receive no income from sale of hard goods.

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    I have no idea why I did it. Probably a combination of boredom, a little extra money in my pocket and finding a vendor that had Criterion Cores in stock.

    I assembled a 14.5 and pinned an extended A2. I assembled a 13.9 and pinned a Nox to it and I did a 12.5 that I also run a nox on, when not running direct thread.

    In terms of velocity, the 13.9 and 14.5 are about neck and neck with M193 at 3000 fps and M855 at 2900 fps with the 12.5 running about 100 fps slower.

    If I had it to do over again, I would have done a 16" for a 10x variable optic, the 14.5 OR 13.9 to run with an ACOG and the 12.5 to run light (red dot and light).

    Having the 12.5 and 13.9 almost feels redundant. Standing next to each other without optics, it's hard to tell them apart, except that the 12.5 is wearing a pistol brace. I actually painted them differently because I was grabbing one, thinking I had the other.

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