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Thread: Glock minus connectors

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    I use the NP3'd OEM - connectors from Overwatch Precision. They have OEM and there own produced - connectors

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    I really wouldn't buy a Glock these days. The only reason my main pistol is a Glock is that it's Gen 2 before they totally fukked the guns up.

    Even the 17X I bought my son still ejects weird (not always out to the right)

    And the grip angle is epically retarded if you shoot regular guns and come back to it.
    "What would a $2,000 Geissele Super Duty do that a $500 PSA door buster on Black Friday couldn't do?" - Stopsign32v

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    Quote Originally Posted by ViniVidivici View Post
    I too prefer that configuration in gen 2 and 3 Glocks. I've only used aftermarket, but I've seen factory "-" Connectors on a couple of sites, I'm sure. GT Distributors or Big Tex Ordinance, maybe.

    I don't know if you can do that in a gen4 though, as the geometry and trigger spring is different.

    I know I could not achieve this in my gen4 G19, due to the different geometry of the Trigger Housing. NY1 spring w/ "-" Connector was heavier and less smooth than in my gen3 and 2 guns.
    Ahh, that makes sense. I tried that combo in my Gen4 17 and it just made the trigger horrible. In the end I replaced the stock spring but left the minus connector in. Really liked that set up, it's a smoother trigger than stock.

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