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Thread: To Glock or Not to Glock

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    Yes, a Glock is nearly double-action, but without the second-strike capability. I think a Kahr is like that, also, but without the trigger safety. And of course that S&W 9mm that is basically a Glock clone. Many other “DAO” striker guns are essentially single-actions.

    Don’t sell your PX4s; those are great pistols. Safe, reliable, precise, light, adequate ammo, smooth. It’s like a hipster pizza glock.
    RE: PX4's. Yes, shooting them one after the other the S&W is more consistent (time, accuracy) for the first shot but after that I'm good with both & both carry well. Both reliable & durable, too.

    The PX4's don't like weak powder chargers in any caliber. The S&W .40 & .45 cycle very weak loads. None like the extra friction of steel cases as they will stick in the magazines.

    I decided the only PX4 I could part with is the 9x19...maybe.
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