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Thread: To Glock or Not to Glock

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron3 View Post
    If I bring the gun up & there is no dot or optic comes loose I would like back up irons.
    BUIS != suppressor height sights. In fact, many argue against suppressor height sights, as they tend to obscure too much of the window, and argue instead for the lowest height irons that can still be cowitnessed.

    There is also the fact that you can have a decent amount of accuracy using a slide index or the optic window simply as a big ghost ring. You won't be punching out the X-ring at 25 with such techniques, but IPSC A-zone hits out to 5 yards should be pretty trivial if you have a strong index.

    As for the Glock question, I'm not a Glock shooter; I'm at this point pot committed to my P30LSes. I've shot maybe 100 rounds of live ammo through a Glock; most of my experiences have been with a G17T. If I were starting over at this point, I would absolutely get a Gen5 G45. The logistical support is simply unmatched, and drives my decision. While there are plenty of other polymer handguns that have slight advantages over the Glock in a vacuum, the parts availability, holster options, and possibility for modification easily trump any of the minor detriments the Glock might have.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheNewbie View Post
    I've considered moving over to the M&P for a striker fired gun. Mainly because they have a decent factory thumb safety, which unfortunately, Glock does not. If Glock did, then I would accept Glock as the best all around option *for me*. Even though I prefer TDA guns.

    Currently I have a SCD and NY1 tirgger on my Gen 5 G17. I could live without the NY1, but the SCD is a must. With the S&W, this (holstering and blocking striker/trigger movement) is taken care of by the thumb safety.
    No thumb safety is a good thing. Draw the gun and shoot, no need to fumble around with a thumb safety.

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