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Man I wish my dad had been into guns. He was a big time hunter. He took the grand slam of North American sheep in the 70’s. He believed in guns for self defense but by today’s standards was a total fud. Guns were tools. The most interesting thing he owned was a S&W 686. I tried time and time again to get him to buy so many of the awesome offerings at that time by H&K and a Colt AR. He’ll, I couldn’t even get him interested in a Hi-Power or 1911. He’d say do I look like a terrorist to you son? And he wouldn’t buy on my behalf using my own money. When I turned 18 I started buying what I could but I didn’t have the access to the cash I needed to buy very much. So I missed out on a lot of great opportunities.

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That could be its own thread, definitely.

My Dad has a few guns but isn't into them as a hobby. I had that connection with a stepfather.

My Dad was into sail boats and while I enjoyed learning about them and sailing I got bored with it pretty quickly. So I just didn't want to go out. I mentioned plenty how much fun a power boat and even fishing would be but he had no interest in those.

Sharing a hobby with your mom or dad must be a pretty great thing.