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Thread: Recommendations for polishing SS revolvers

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    Quote Originally Posted by T2C View Post
    I was asked to look at a brand-new Colt Python that had intermittent issues with the trigger becoming heavy and hammer not falling. I inspected and fired the revolver at the range when first asked. I suggested the Python be sent back to Colt for repair under warranty. The Python had just returned from Colt after warranty work. I think it's a sharp looking revolver and hope the issue gets corrected on the 2nd trip to Colt.
    Mine has around 1200-1500 through it. So far so good but I've read of several with issues. The internal parts are kinda light-duty looking.

    I only took it out once since getting a new Ruger SP101 3in blued. The Ruger trigger isn't nearly as smooth but I haven't polished any internals. I only installed a 10 lb hammer spring. No problems, but I only use Federal primers.

    I debate selling the King Cobra while it's good or shooting it until it breaks, sending it in for repair, and then selling it. But I'd be annoyed if Colt charged me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by T2C View Post
    If you decide to polish the revolver yourself, I have had a great deal of success using Flitz metal polish and an old T shirt.
    Same here

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