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Come on,that's a pic out of a magazine,nobody's bench looks like that,,LOLMine will be organized for about a day and then it turns into a disaster. I still know what/when & what I'm doing I just have stuff everywhere,but still only one can of powder on the bench at anyone time.I use masking tape and write on it what the load is and the powder and stick that on the powder hopper as a reference.I also bought a Pyrex extended powder tube off the net years ago so "if" I do leave powder in the hopper it doesn't change the color or stain it like on the plastic Dillon,plus no static. I have multiple tool heads for my 550,one dedicated to 223,one for 357,one for 9mm. I have every caliber conversion I need for every caliber I have but I'm to lazy and have never swapped over to large primer format. All my 06/308/6.5 I just do single stage.So when it comes to "cost" all that stuff adds up but then I have been doing it a very long time and the cost has been spread out over years so that helps.
All I'll say is for the guys thinking about starting ya better jump soon cuz it ain't ever gonna get any cheaper. 9mm is at that price again where if ya have extra $$$ maybe its still worth it to buy it,I don't care if it cost $100 bucks for a 1K of 9mm and I would still reload cuz I have so much stuff for 9. If it were me the way powder is going I would settle on what I was gonna work on and buy powder now,with the supposed shortages,Alliant not making powder for the foreseeable future etc,I would be on the move in that dept. Reloading machines,dies,accessory are everywhere,ya just gotta look. Primers have seemed to settle down a bit and maybe will continue to drop,time will tell.
LOL! I took that pic about 10 minutes after I brought my reloading table into my office/gym/now reloading room. I just took a new picture now (below). My powder is stored in the green bin on the floor. I keep most of my primers in a spare bedroom closet.

It sits the way I keep it when Im done loading a large batch. In this case, last thing Id loaded was .223 rounds (75 gr OTM RMR over N140). I loaded around a thousand and that will hold me for a while.

I will probably load 9MM next. 124 gr RMRs are my current stash and I have a few thousand bullets to load. I think I may buy 147s when I replace the 124s

But I do keep it simple. At this time, I only load 9MM, 10MM, .38, .357, .223, and .308. Im ready to load .40, .45, and .44s, but dont even see a need at this time based on commercial ammo I have already and the rate I actually shoot those calibers. I do consider expanding out to 7.62*39 and maybe .300BO but thats down the road.

When I find a load that works in most of my guns well, I just stick with it. I know I said I was gonna do 147s but only because I may want to shoot suppressed.

I currently use 4 different powders. I could easily get by with threeall Vihtavuori. N320, 3N37, and N140. I also have N340 on hand in case I load up some .40s.

Works for meYMMV

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