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Thread: Over gassed ar

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrin View Post
    @Wake, it’s been explained in the past. I don’t expect you to know that. The way you speak tells me you’re lazy. Use the resources.

    @1168, reading comprehension : “Spanning carbines from 11.5 to 20”. For your benefit, two 11.5’s, one 12.5.
    What brands?
    Did you measure the gas ports?
    Carbine gas in all three?
    I'm not going to start diagnosing your issues, but I'm willing to bet something needs fixing.

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    Over gassed ar

    Quote Originally Posted by Patrin View Post
    @Wake, itís been explained in the past. I donít expect you to know that. The way you speak tells me youíre lazy. Use the resources.

    @1168, reading comprehension : ďSpanning carbines from 11.5 to 20Ē. For your benefit, two 11.5ís, one 12.5.
    Oh ok.

    Quote Originally Posted by 1168 View Post
    That is very little experience in comparison to vast institutional experience of the DoD plus a variety of other professional adopters connected to DoD, DoJ, DoS or local organizations. Itís also not enough experience to conclude that 11.5Ē is awesome and 12.5Ē is underwhelming while 10.3Ē is just an outright nogo. Theyíre entirely too close to build such a strong impression with such a small sampling, even if I partly agree.

    This reminds me of the 42a that recently felt the need to explain to me that his experience in Iraq led him to dislike red dot sights. Yeah dude, Iím happy you deployed, but it was as a HR clerkÖ.how did that experience result in the conclusion, and what makes it relevant? Or, how do I ask those questions in a tone that leads to growth rather than just being a dick?

    If youíd have led off with what your experience is instead of pointing to it, yet undefined, as a source for a wild claim, you wouldnít have gotten heckled. ďIíve tried a few SBRs, and they really seem to benefit from an adjustable gas blockĒ.

    Maybe Iím just blowing up something unimportantÖdunno. Iíve been trying to find the best approach to this type of conversation for some time, unsuccessfully.
    I canít answer whether or not itís worth it to engage at all, much less take the approach that I do, but I essentially play dumb in person. I probably go too hard in the other direction online, but in person, since itís often someone I may have to work with again, I typically act like I donít know much (and my lack of operational experience and memory recall is bad enough that itís not always an act) so Iíll ask some leading questions to better understand their level of knowledge and then, once Iíve realized theyíre likely full of shit, I move on. A lot of that comes from the job - lots of people Iíve worked with over the years donít have the maturity to be corrected by someone that they think should know less than them on a topic like this and Iím usually ok not getting into a dick measuring contest with them. Itís different online because the likelihood that Iíll ever have to work with them is pretty low. I had a GB that tried and failed to explain basic zeroing to me on the range once. Iíve also had cadets that I wouldnít even correct because they were the type that would never accept being wrong, though I had other mechanisms of influence there so I guess I didnít fully leave that alone. But to the point, a lot of times itís just not worth it IMO.

    It feels a little immature to say all of that, but thats my take.

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