Been a while since I dropped by this sub forum.

Most recently, I have been doing Dan John’s basic Easy Strength program, and it’s worked well.

The overall workout is familiar to anyone who haunted Testosterone or bought books in the mid-2000’s.

Hinge (rather than simply “lower body compound movement”)
Ab wheel
Loaded carry variation or kettlebell swings

2 sets of 5
30 sec rest between sets

Five workouts per week

Same movements for 6-8 weeks

What does this look like?

For me, following his general recommendation:

Pullups (pronated, specifically)
Kettlebell overhead press (primarily one at a time with the second KB racked, but also “goalpost” and seesaw)
Ab wheel
Kettlebell swing

It’s been good to get back into a groove. Strength comes back quickly, and so is some mass in my shoulders.

What it probably most noticeable is my core strength. Ever movement demands core stabilization under tension. Also, the kettlebell swing is a bi-directional effort…in other words, you don’t swing up, float, drop, swing back up. Instead, you thrust/swing up, and then forcefully pull back downward. Very different from how I did KB swings in the past, and it gasses you.