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Thread: pistol finishes

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    This 1911 is done in dusk by CCR. Had them remove the SW1911 billboard. I've had a few things done by them. They are local enough that I've dropped off and picked up. So it is convenient for me, but they do great work and are salt of the earth people. The 1911 picutered also sat in a safe in a garage that lost AC for about 2 months and faired better than an old wingmaster shotgun. May not mean much but I'm happy with it.
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    Were I to go to war with my pistol I would not want a shiny finish no matter how durable it was. Years ago I had my Colt .38 super refinished in satin black cerokote, it looked good and resisted wear for a few years in a kydex holster. But, eventually, it wore through on the high spots which gradually opened up to larger areas. Living in a tropical environment I did get rust spots, then surface rust "areas". I thought about getting it refinished but since I really had the sights dialed in I decided not to send it off. I got some super fine sand paper to rough up the shiny parts and rattle canned it. It does wear through but it's easy to touch up and change if necessary. IMO, nothing beats regular inspection, maintenance and easy touch up with readily available paint.

    It's also ugly in a cool way....
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