Guys, when ordering stuff from me, I need a couple things, like-- an address and what you are ordering.

You would not believe the number of orders I get through PayPal where I don't have either. So I search my Emails for an email from the address given in the PP order and nothing. That's because although the dude may indeed have sent me an Email-- like, "I'm gonna send you a PayPal next week for such and such", when he does do it, his Email address associated with his PP account is different from the one he Emailed me from.

So maybe I Email him to the address given on PP. And it bounces as sometimes happens. Or he just never checks that one-- after all, he's got the other one.

Three weeks later, I have a message on my machine from a private number:

"Hey it's Joe Dokes. I sent an order in and don't have my stuff yet. Did it ship? Is it out of stock? You need to let people know this stuff."

No phone number left and "Joe Dokes" does not appear in either Email address. No indication as to what he ordered or when.

Joe and I are not communicating effectively....