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Thread: Official NFA Transfer Times Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azraeyl View Post
    Form: 4 (Dead Air Wolfman)

    Entity: Individual

    Pending: 08/01/2019

    Approved: 10/12/2019

    Standardized Wait: 72 Days

    Stamp In Hand: 10/21/2019

    State: PA
    I really hope this is the trend as I ordered a Wolfman yesterday as an individual.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ace4059 View Post
    Form 1 efile
    Total of 5 forms
    1 of 5 received today.
    Total time, 11 days.
    Two were approved in 13 days, the last two were on the 14 day.
    Not bad for SBRís and SBSís.
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    Interesting Data Point.

    I filed two applications on same day 2/12/19
    One was filed electronically and it was complete 10/24/19
    One was filed paper and it was complete 10/31/19
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    Form 4 (Dead Air Sandman K) mailed 12/8/18
    Stamp received 11/19/19

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    Form 4 Trust - 1 RP

    Colt 6933

    Pending - 11/06/18
    Approved - 11/15/19
    Stamp Received - 11/22/19

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    Form 4 trust
    Early feb mailing to late nov receipt.
    Right at 300 days

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Bell View Post
    Interesting Data Point.

    I filed two applications on same day 2/12/19
    One was filed electronically and it was complete 10/24/19
    One was filed paper and it was complete 10/31/19
    That's very interesting. I bought some cans using the fancy Silencer KIOSK and others the traditional method. Could just be luck of the draw, but the KIOSK took months longer. I waited 11 months for my KAC can via KIOSK w/Trust. Made me wonder. And maybe because they spelled my name wrong on their end WTF. You would think that KIOSK would prevent that kind of error.

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    Form 4 Individual.

    Nov 14th 2018 Buy Colt 6933 online from arms unlimited.
    Nov. 19th 2018 Purchase stamp and service online from Silencer shop.
    Nov. 29th 2018 Signed documents online for silencer shop.
    Dec. 17th 2018 Went pending with ATF
    Nov. 1st 2019 Approved ATF
    Nov. 20th 2019, Called my dealer who said her had my stamp after finding out it was approved from the ATF.

    So as with all of my previous stamps through silencer shop/ my local dealer, no one informed my my stamps had cleared or arrived. In all instances it involved me calling the ATF, finding out they had been approved and then calling my dealer. He always had some excuse on not calling me and always had my stamps. To this day silencer shop has everything listed as pending for all my approved stamps.

    My advice is start calling the ATF every 2 weeks at the 10 month mark of pending.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buckaroo View Post
    Three Surpressor Form 4ís on a trust:

    Mailed 12/12/18


    Received 12/14/19
    One was refiled due to a paperwork problem.
    Two stamps received 12/09/19 for 362 days

    Refiled stamp received 1/09/20 quite remarkable turn around. On a side note, Dec 14th and Jan 9 are my deceased parents birthdays... Kinda weird!
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    I just sent in a Form 4 and after reading this it looks like I won't be laying hands on my suppressor for at least 10 - 11 months or so.
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