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    Disaster Preparation & Planning Forum

    The Disaster Preparation & Planning section is something that I believe will be quite valuable... This is the home for anything to do with Bug-Out Bags/Packs/Vehicles, food and water storage, emergency planning, communications or any of many other preparations you take to protect yourself should things go awry...

    So, here is the rub... this is not a forum to discuss how political, social, economical or extra-terrestrial influences may lead to things going awry. Please feel free to discuss steps to take in preparation for Natural Disaster, Civil Unrest, Terrorist Attack or the Collapse of Key Infrastructure; but please, no speculation, prediction, news or warnings of how/why/when any of these may happen.

    The need for Disaster Preparation is real and very valid... we have seen significant events here on U.S. soil, just in the last decade, that show just how important this subject is -- please help make this forum a source of information that really helps others make wise and serious planning decisions.

    I strongly encourage those with knowledge or experience in this subject to jump in and contribute! If you have any ideas or suggestions as to how to make this forum better, please let me know.
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