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Thread: Being out of the loop - Gen. 1 PMAGS obsolete?

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    Being out of the loop - Gen. 1 PMAGS obsolete?

    I've been gone from the AR scene for a while. What is this I hear about a new generation PMAG? What changes were made? Are the 1st gen. obsolete? Thanks.

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    There's some sort of Emag now or some such nonsense?

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    The latest generation has a slightly different feel/texture, the fron trib doesn't go all the way to the top of the mag, the ribbing in general is less pronounced, the indentation where the window would go is gone, I believe there is a slight revision to the follower, and the top cover will snap to the bottom.

    I wouldn't go out and replace what you have now with new ones, unless you're gonna send me the old ones!

    Here's some crappy cell phone pics....

    Old on left with FDE Magpul, and new on right. Note top cover snapped to base in second pic.


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    Your Pmags are utterly obsolete. As a Favor to you, I'll dispose of them for you for only a $2 fee.


    In all seriousness, the Revision M mags seem to have overcome certain alleged weaknesses of the 1st gen Pmag.

    Further, in 2nd Gen Maglevel mags, I noticed some changes.

    There were some reports as to PMAGs cracking at the upper-back of the magazine (where the picture is focused).

    |Green Mag has Stamp of 1/08| FDE Mag is Latest Gen-Acquired 2/09 (stamp says 11/09)|

    As you can see, the dimple for the lip cover now has a middle bump in it. It is also thicker and beefier than the first gens.

    The feed lip protectors are NOT interchangeable between generations (AFAIK pertaining to Maglevel mags at least).

    Hope this helps.
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