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Spray a bit of starting fluid inside and toss a match to set the bead. Acetylene or propane works too.

Keep a length of baling wire in your tool kit for field repairs on your transportation. Works for linkages, clamps, etc.

I was waiting for some one to post that I have seen it done a few times also I have tried it my self 1 or 2 times. On big heavy truck , tires it seems to work OK but that trick can go bad real quick I have had a tire blow the entire tread off on a passenger car tire very loud concussion and me checking my self to make sure that I had all of my fingers and toes. That would not be my first choice the ratchet strap sounds like a very good Idea if I ever get a chance to use it I will try it out.
Starter fluid very very risky.

The baling wire is a good Idea also.