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Thread: GunShow Zombie and M&A parts.

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    Sorry, I didn't think anyone was over here anymore. After the flack I recieved here on M4carbine I figured it pointless to try to defend my purchase or a company people don't seem to regard as quality. Seemed pointless to post pics of the build here, not much activity either. Don't get me wrong I appriciate the no bullshit attitude towards gear here, I don't want anyone blowing sunshine up my ass. Still though, the M&A upper with mil-spec stock assembly, handguard,bcg and lpk is made very nice, great buy for $500.

    My experience seems totaly contrary to everyone else. This M&A middy runs like a dream. I put 700 or so rounds through her at the range. Running drills mostly. I did also some 100 yard bench shooting to see how accurate the gun is. One inch groups all day with good ammo and a good scope.

    I just participated in a carbine/pistol class last month. It was run by a supervisor for a security firm I used to work for. I shot just over 600 rounds in one day, that was a long day though. I had only one fte due to cheap crap ammo, the chamber was full of crap from the mixed cheap ammo. No problems other than that. The CMT bolt carrier key didn't budge, still staked pretty good. Like I said before, I have no problem with the Wilson cm barrel, I can't afford enough ammo to wear it out yet. If I ever can afford that much ammo I can afford a new upper.

    Funny thing, after the comments regarding my build I didn't have alot of faith in the M&A, except for the fact that I've owned "quality" ar's in the past and my initial testing of the M&A was flawless.I have no doubt in the merit of my M&A build, fit and finish are first rate, accuracy is right on. Over 1300 hard run rounds through her and only one fte shooting a mix of ammo , I have no doubt that this gun is a great rifle for what I need, a range and defensive weapon I trust to go bang everytime I pull the trigger.

    If someone is strapped for cash like me I would suggest looking into M&A.
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