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Thread: Official NFA Picture Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by GTF425 View Post
    To be fair, I can't give a direct comparison given I've only used this can on this one rifle. The Dual Lok 5 is supposed to have improved gas flow compared to the HRT, but the HRT is better at managing FRP and flash suppression. The HRT definitely has less back pressure than the Sierra 5 and RC2 (the only full size cans I can compare it to). If you ever intend to do any night vision shooting, the HRT really does do a great job at flash suppression...even with 55gr FMJ training ammo.

    The winning endorsement is shooting with guys from work and their commenting on it sounding quieter to them than our SF cans indoors. I think you'll be very happy with your HRT, too.
    I don't think I'll be disappointed either. Thanks, and now my wait well...goes on.

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    Here's my latest toy. I had this idea in my mind since I was a teenager and finally achieved it.

    I did the form 1 about 4 years ago but just finished it because I was not 100% sure of my wood work skills. I spent a long time on other small projects to gain some confidence that I wouldn't screw it up.

    It started out as a nickel finish Stoeger coach gun with a walnut stock. I chopped it and had it chromed and did the stock and forend myself. Of course, during the time I bought it and now they released a black finish stock set, which would have helped me out a lot! In any case, it's awesome. After firing it a few times I decided it was better off with 22lr inserts because it's a beast!

    I plugged the takedown screw with wood filler and used 4 applications of Varathane jet black gel stain followed by 3 coats of General Finishes high performance gloss varnish. I had to finish the grip while it was assembled because I didn't want the takedown screw visible. I don't see a need to disassemble it in the future wo I'm not worried about sealing it up.

    The picture does not do justice to the deep gloss finish and it contrasts so nice with the chrome.

    Nest step is to build a nice shelf by the front door to keep it handy for God-sellers knocking on my door at 8:00AM on Sundays...

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