Newsletter April 2007

I spent most of February 2007 overseas. Most interesting was the difference in cultures of the countries I visited to the USA. Most things taken for granted in one country (e.g. food) is a daily struggle in another. We hit the ground running upon our return. As you will see from the STRIKE training calender for 2007, our classes are almost all filled to to the brim. I am in discussion with several Range Masters in regards range time so we can accommodate the large overflow of students for our Level 1 Tactical Pistol Classes.

Also, Chief Jeff Chudwin (President of ITOA) and I are speaking to NEMRT (Illinois) to see if we can get one or two additional dates for the overflow of the STRIKE Close Quarter Gunfight Survival Classes. We will keep you posted via this newsletter.

I have just returned from the Texas Tactical Police Officer's Association Annual Conference where we presented several 8 hour life-fire programs. What an experience! Texas most definetely does everything bigger and better. There were 110 vendors present and I had the privilige to meet and socialize with some of the most professional and dedicated trainers and SWAT officers in the world!

Jeff Chudwin was the keynote speaker at the conference dinner and I have to say that this was one of the highlights of the trip. Jeff spoke passionately about police murders, training, equipment and the future of Law Enforcement in the USA. He had several standing ovations during his time behind the podium. Well done Jeff!

I would like to personally thank Shannon Couch, TTPOA President, and his outstanding team for an utterly professionally run conference. Also a very special thanks to each and every officer that made our stay special. Our designated range personnel, Mark Alonso and Luis Figueroa, were absolutely outstanding. It was great working with professionals like yourselves. See you next year!

I would also like to thank friend, student and fellow NEMRT trainer, Patrick Sweeny for including Strike Tactical Solutions in his article - " Schools for Shootists - What to know, what to look for and what to ask before you enroll in a shooting school", published in the April 2007 edition of the Guns & Ammo magazine.

Patrick is a world-class shooter, a famous gunsmith and author of several books and hundreds of magazine articles. We highly respect Patrick's opinion on training, guns and gear. Not one to take anybody's word, Patrick trains hard, competes hard and tests equipment the way it should be done!

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