I second the T-7. I have mine set up with .223 and .45 on the same head. The slide-bar priming system is reasonably functional, and the thing overall is built very solid. The primer collection system has worked every time with no lost spent primers. I do use Lee dies to save a bit of money. On the second head I'm planning to put 4 Lee 9mm dies, the Lee trimmer head for .223, and the RCBS collet puller. Having 7 stations on a head really gives you a lot of flexibility in how you want your press set up.
Sure, the Redding is more expensive than the Lee, but don't look at the initial investment. Treat this as a one-time purchase that will last the rest of your life. Spread out over 30+ years, (and perhaps passing it down to your kids), I think the Redding press is a far smarter investment.