There are one or maybe two items that we carry that we state as being of foreign manufacture. One of them is a BFA. We are careful to state the fact whenever it arises. We select our parts suppliers and manufacturers with great care.

Vertical Fore Grip with Built-in, spring deployed Bi-Pod

We found an inexpensive alternative to the forward vertical handgrip combined with spring deployed bi-pod that we can sell for about 1/3 the price of the high priced spread.

We looked at several versions that have been put on the market and we found one that we feel is quite superior to the other imported versions.

Suffice to say, if your life and rifle are tied together, you might want to throw down on the USA made version for $140. If you are a casual shooter, or even a Cop who doesn't forsee himself falling on top of his rifle with the bi-pod deployed... this might do the trick.

Again, it's not the same as the US version, but it's damned good- and it's way ahead of the rest of the crowd.

It's on our website at $45 or $35 with the purchase of any 4 railed handguard system.