Close Quarter Combatives & Knife Training with Kelly Worden

Training Seminar
June 9th and 10th
Start time is 8:30 AM each day
12 Hours of instruction over two days
Cost: $200.00

Strike Tactical Solutions
1298 Ensell Road
Lake Zurich, Illinois 60047


STRIKE Tactical Solutions has formed a relationship with Kelly Worden of NSI - WORTAC. Kelly is an internationally known Master in the Close Quarter Combatives and knife training arena.

At STRIKE, we are always looking for something new or better to offer our students. Kelly Worden has trained US Special Forces for years and we are proud to host his seminars.

6/9/2007 - 6/10/2007 8:30 AM $200.00

The WORTAC instructional format is comprised of multiple martial art systems unified for efficiency by extracting functional goal-specific concepts and techniques relative to "CQC for conflict resolution."

WORTAC is an Americanized system that does not seek to separate each system or focus on the differences each offers, the WORTAC format realistically connects the systems. Logically this innovative proactive method accelerates the self developmental process especially concerning "assimilation of military /police combative tactical strategies".

As a CQC tactics instructor I seek to improve the individual's physical attributes, discipline, self confidence, emotional stability, spiritual strength, and ethical values while "refining technical skill development."

My goal is simple and direct, I teach practical defensive skills that are street proven. Every officer that completes the two day seminar, will be equiped with focus driven defensive skills that are immediately applicable as you walk out the door.

Instilling a self motivating confidence in each Police Officer from day one is essential to "achieve high standards with established positive objectives."

Awareness, attitude and an indomitable spirit provide the foundation for any Police Officer to "adapt and overcome" cultivated by self realization and personal integrity!

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