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Thread: Vintage AR and Clone pic thread.....

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    Vintage AR and Clone pic thread.....

    Quote Originally Posted by Firefly View Post
    After at least 6 years in the making, I present my XM16E1 clone. This was truly a labor of love.

    Dude! That is absolutely fabulous. Seriously, nice freakin’ job. I have developed a thing for the classic ARs and your rifle is legit.
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    I finally decided to take the trade-in Colt 733 upper out for a spin today. Haven’t really been in a hurry as I already had a 733 clone upper I use as a shooter. I popped the 733 upper on my SBR lower and fired off a few rounds of 55 gr ball.
    Looking up the bore from the breech end and comparing the rifling with that from some of my other ARs, the Colt’s looked like maybe it was a bit worn or something to me so I was curious how well it would group but at 100 yards it turned out one 5-shot and one 6-shot group measuring just under 3” each. Which is fine by me for an 11.5” with iron sights and 55gr ball. Only caveat is that the POI very high above POA.
    I suspected it had probably been zeroed at 25yds or something and the results on target at 100yds bore that suspicion out. I did mess with the windage a bit at 50yards beforehand but didn’t touch the elevation as the front post is one of those night sights that can only be adjusted in 360-degree increments. I don’t intend to put a lot of rounds through this upper, as like I said, I’ve got a clone for that. But it was nice to get it out there.

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