We have a lot of awesome stuff in the works for 2012. It's all listed at http://competition-dynamics.com/

STEEL SAFARI - Same great match that's been going on since 1998.
SNIPER'S HIDE CUP - For format for 2012, CD and SH.com teamed up to create effectively a new match
24-HOUR SNIPER ADVENTURE CHALLENGE - This one is new for 2012, it's going to be real tough. Baseline is 30 miles of land nav.
2012 THUNDER BEAST TEAM CHALLENGE - Repeat of the concept we proved in 2011.
2012 COMBAT BIATHLON SERIES - A new local match concept combining fitness and practical shooting

You can post questions here (if I don't reply within a day poke me via email, I must have missed the notification), or via email..