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Thread: Magpul PMag torture test

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    Magpul PMag torture test

    OK - I know this is just a sample of one...but a pal of mine got a black PMag with the intent of beating the holy shit out of it alongside a USGI magazine and see how they compare. Sooooo...

    On a gravel range, we loaded the PMag with 30 rounds of XM193 and noted that it would seat in three sample Colts with the bolt closed with no problem. We then proceeded to throw the magazines into the air 20-30 feet and let them hit the rocks. Neither one of them spit out more than a couple of rounds, but the GI mag was already showing signs of unhappiness (i.e. dents and so on.)

    We then took the Pmag and started hitting it on the edge of a steel plate (a Pepper Popper) on the spine, feedlips, and on the floorplate attempting to knock it off. No dice. Got a few minor mars on the spine of the Pmag from the blows to the steel, but nothing serious. The USGI mag would no longer seat in the mag well after five blows to the spine on the steel plate. We then commenced to beating the feedlips of the loaded magazines on the steel plate, and dropping them on steel and on rocks from 6-8 feet. The USGI mag's feedlips were totally distorted, and the PMag showed no ill effect.

    We decided that now would be a good time to see if the Pmag would feed, so we locked it in a carbine and fired six shots with no problems.

    Then, we decided to do ye olde tire test. Putting a half-inch stick under the Pmag, I drove over it with my car twice, which succeeded in doing nothing but breaking the stick.

    Sooo...we did a burnout on it. Positioned the loaded Pmag under the drive wheel, loaded up the tranny and dropped it into D. The PMag went sailing out to the back of the car, gravel flying.

    Still worked. The gravel scraped the shit out of one side of the Pmag, but no problems. Fired 30 more rounds flawlessly.

    Just for grins, we ran over the USGI magazine too, and succeeded in pancaking it with one pass of the wheel.

    Soooo....what about heat? I held a Bic to the side of it until I couldn't hold the lighter anymore and succeeded in bubbling the surface just a little bit.

    I'm impressed.

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    Just kidding.

    I think PMAG should become the new GI issue to our troops...


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    I had the good fortune of comparing, hand in hand, a P-Mag with the new SIG Polymer AR magazines.

    There is no comparison. The only thing I liked about the SIG mags was the adapter to hook two mags together. Other then that, the mag looked like a complete POS.

    The material it's made from is in no WAY even close to the rigidity of the P-Mag. I could easily move the feed lips with a slight squeeze. The follower was not of a no-tilt design, and would dive and jam with ease. I know a lot (some) people think anti-tilt followers are over rated - but if you were making your own follower for your own mag which was going to cost nearly double what the competition is charging, why WOULDN'T you make it of an anti-tilt design???

    Anyway hoo - no thanks. I'm drinking the P-Mag Kool-Aide from here on out. Everyone else may as well just stop making magazines as far as I am concerned.

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    Best friggin' mag I have ever used. I sold all of my USGI ones including the new ones I had rat-holed for the next AWB. Replaced them all with PMags.
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    I know they are doing a year long beta test period on the mags, but P-Mags are the shit! You can not get a better magazine.... You can buy a brand new "cheaper" mag, but, thats exactly what you will get, a chaeper mag!

    New mags needed in the GWOT!

    7.62x51 - 20 rounds - M14 and a replacement for the SR-25 20 round mag from Knights..... $125.99 each? Give me a break! Magpul should be able to make a better mag for $30.00!

    5.56x45 - 20 rounds, 10 rounds

    6.8SPC - 30, 20, 10 rounders....

    Lets not get the cart before the horse, but Magpul has kicked everyones butt-ski for 556 mags....

    Lets not forget, the Masada is coming out and I have no doubt that it will rock as well!!!!

    Things are looking up for 2A supporters and the Defenders of Freedom!

    I wish my Son had these mags when he was in Tikrit! but, hopefully our guys can get some in their greedy little hands and send some hajji badguys where they so much want to go, of course waiting in Hell are 72 "Virginians", (on TDY of course) waiting to assist them in their transition to their new job of Lucifer's ass Basket!!!

    Thank G-od! for Rich and his Crew at Magpul!!
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