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Thread: My Norinco NDM-86

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    In .308 w/168gr match ammo the NDM-86 is capable of phenomenal accuracy. In 7.62x54 there is no true lightweight (appx 150gr) match ammo available so you can't realize your Dragunovs true accuracy potential.
    Your best results will probably be w/surplus 7N1 SVD ammo (if you can still find any) but it is corrosively primed so very careful cleaning is required after shooting to neutralize the primer salts.
    Due to the lack of true match ammo, using a really expensive scope is overkill.
    The 4x PSO-1 is fun to play with from a historical perspective but limits your distance capabilities. I'd suggest either the 1P21 or one of SWFA's Super Snipers: http://swfa.com/SWFA-SS-Scopes-C1719.aspx
    HTH, keep us posted!...
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    Yup, the .308 rifles are pretty accurate. I want to say I had something like 3/4" groups at 100 yards using Federal Gold Medal Match ammo. I got a bunch of Berdan primed brass to try to make up some accurate loads for it but never got around to that when I was back home and before moving to this land of rust, rot and short ranges here in NW Florida. Anyways, here's mine:

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    Very nice, want one SOOOO bad. But fun money is going different directions atm, so Ill have to settle for the PSL.
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    If the wolf gold 150 grainers dont work out, try the S & B 174 grain match line. Its a little more pricey, but it is a dedicated match grade loading.

    Oh, and nice rifle.
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