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Thread: Good shtf Book Suggestions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gallo Pazzesco View Post
    It's a good pepper's Bible of sorts, a guideline, not a novel or fun read per se. Not sure I would trust it as a how-to manual though.

    I've got a couple of editions so I've followed her for awhile and even tried the LDS Avow forum. She is off, IMHO, on a lot of her weights to caloric intake ratios on various food items and she is behind the times on energy solutions post shtf. She's also sorely lacking in the defense and security aspects of a post SHTF scenario and pretty much everything else in there can be found online or learned OJT. (Not to mention the need for so many more subjects to be covered, in-depth, as to make such a volume almost impossible to publish in one book ... but she wastes a lot of space on things that might be better filled with other things.)

    Still, the book is a good starter primer and she did try to update some important things, to some degree, in the latest 2018 edition ... which went to press in late 2017 after being updated mostly in 2016-17 so ... there's that. It's already four (or more) years behind the times in terms of firearms, foods, first aid, etc.

    Most importantly, to me at least, she almost completely avoided some seriously important aspects of post shtf survival and prepping in advance of such a scenario from a fiduciary financial standpoint. Not to mention dealing with various social and regional (human to human related) issues, dangers and sticky wickets.

    Common sense and a genetic predisposition to prepare, (an inborn survival mentality), as well as interaction on forums such as this one and a drive and willingness to get it done ... those are things that will get you further than investing $30 or more on that particular book.

    On the other hand One Second After has lit a fire under more friends of mine (I always buy cheap copies at used book stores when I see them and give them out as gifts to friends and family) than did my decades of asking them, sometimes almost begging them, to prepare before now.

    One Second After, combined with our current social situation, has awakened a lot of people ... also illustrated by gun sales. (The ammo shortage caused by both demand and Covid-19 make it interesting - ammo is the new precious metal IMHO) Between gun sales and previous toilet paper shortages (lol) prepping has finally gone mainstream. That's a good thing for us actually.

    One Second After (while I have some major issues with that book having raised my family camping in and around the Black Mountain area and along the Blue Ridge Parkway) was well-timed and is the standard, at the moment anyway, for prodding people into prepping.

    Dare to Prepare might definitely be considered, for now at least, a good resource for those just now getting into the game .... a starter's shopping list if you will, but a poor how-to manual.
    Just curious...what issues with the book concerning the Black Mtn area would you have? Only wondering.
    The author of the book is from there, too. Ive been acroos Black Mtn many many dozen times...gorgeous area.
    And if that book dont "light the fire" in someone, nothing will.
    The obedient always think of themselves as virtuous rather than the cowards they really are.

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    I hear "The Shining" is a really good read. (better than movie)

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