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    Lest this go too far afield, those who know me know that it is in my nature to infuse humor into just about everything, so I'm just about the last guy that would take issue with a lighthearted post. My point was/is simply that if the majority of your posting activity here consists of making jokes, adding snarky comments or lacing your replies with emoticons, then you're setting the conditions for trouble, even if you yourself aren't the source of it.

    No one is saying that an established member with a history of solid contribution can't enjoy a laugh with the boys. All we're saying is that when this kind of activity becomes the mainstay of why you're here and just about the only thing you're adding to the mix, things are out of balance. The next thing you know, we're awash in new members who simply want to join in the fun, know or care very little about our any of our core topics, and who somehow manage to rocket to 1,000 posts without ever having taken part in a single substantive discussion. That may be the norm elsewhere, but it is not OK here.

    The moral of the story? All things in moderation.

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