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Thread: Denial of terrorism = prevention ?

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    Denial of terrorism = prevention ?

    This note is indicative of the problems we face....

    By way of background, I'm a 23 year veteran of the FBI, having worked
    terrorism most of that 23 years, as well as being a bomb technician for both
    the FBI and 2 years prior EOD technician experience in the U.S. Army. I'm
    currently the "homeland security coordinator" for a mid-west state
    (Missouri) and run their Office of Homeland Security. I've never had the
    opportunity of meeting Mr. Giduck, but had the opportunity to obtain
    his book, "Terror at Beslan" from Lt. Col Dave Grossman recently at a
    threat assessment seminar. Having spent a small amount of time in southern
    Russia (Sorotov) shortly after the fall of Communism in the mid 90's,
    training some of their special forces, I found the book both credible, and

    The value of reading what appears to be the most credible
    account of what happened, and how it was allowed to happen, I believe, will
    allow us to better prepare here in Missouri
    , so that such a tragedy of this
    magnitude never visits our schools. But something happened to me last week,
    that causes me to believe that our education system's organizational
    "denial" of the Beslan tragedy will most assuredly enable such an event to
    happen here in Missouri, or someplace else in the U.S.

    Last week, from May 10 to 11, I attended a US Dept of Ed "Emergency
    Management for Schools Training" Seminar in St. Louis, Missouri. I was
    scheduled to give a short presentation on the Missouri Homeland Security
    perspective of school safety, and had prepared a short power point
    presentation to support my talk. My opening slide was a photo of your book,
    and the quote of Col. Grossman's in the forward of the book, to the effect
    "Every day, millions of parents hug millions of kids, the most precious
    things on the face of the earth, and then send those kids to school,
    trusting us to keep them alive. This is the most important thing any
    society can do: to protect our young." I gave credit to Col Grossman and
    reflected this quote came from your book. I thought it was a fitting
    opening statement for my talk on school safety. You can imagine my shock
    when the morning before the talk, Kathy Zantal;-Wiener, Director, Emergency
    Response and Technical Assistance Center, U.S. Department of Education, (the
    folks hosting the seminar) informed me that she had removed my first slide,
    and while I could still give my presentation, I could not make any mention
    of Beslan
    , as it would cause too much emotional distress for participants.
    She indicated that it was their policy to not talk about or mention Beslan
    in any of their seminars.

    Ms Zantal-Wiener would hear nothing of my argument on the foolishness and
    short-slightness of the U.S. Department of Education to take such a
    position. The inability for the educational community on the national level
    to engage in meaningful dialogue on the lessons learned at Beslan can only
    insure that we will repeat those same mistakes here in our country. And
    while I will write Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings
    re this issue, I seriously doubt she will ever read my comments.

    I would like to thank both John Giduck and Col Grossman for the job you do, and for
    the information you share, that both educates and motivates our first
    responder and special operation forces here in our country. You are both
    continuing to do a great service to your country.


    Paul H. Fennewald
    Homeland Security Coordinator
    Missouri Office of Homeland Security
    Department of Public Safety
    Doc at M&A Parts

    847 550-8246, 9-5 Central Time, Mon-Fri

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    Tragic attitude and with this attitude, tragedy will come....

    Why, why, why?

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    One more reason why I will not send my child to public schools.

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    Bureaucratic bullshit at its finest. Pretend a problem doesnt exist and it goes away.


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