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Being a basic class should I still run that or
Center of gravity for such is typically "How many magazines do you need to be able to carry to the firing line?"

If the answer is something like one in the gun and a reload (or two)...then you can utilize a single mag pouch on your belt and/or the pockets of your pants, and focus on learning from the teacher(s) instead of getting sucked into the distractions of *needless* equipment.

"Train how you'd fight" is a nice little aphorism, but it's also typically oversimplified and made stupid by those who interpret it as "wear all your shit." That can be a bad road.

Instead, consider "train FOR a fight" by starting at Square 1 instead of thinking you're at Square 3 level, already. If this is your first class, perhaps maximize learning the weapon better, then make plans to integrate wearing more crap. I PROMISE you, you'll get more out of it that way, overall. Learn the manual-of-arms better, then add impediments, later.

If you need to bring 4-5 or more mags to the line...STILL better to just bring a small toolbag or similar than to jock up with Highway To The Danger Zone gear, or use an actual simple chest rig instead of armor.